Why Inertia Travel?

Traditional educational tour operators book the “big ticket” items and collect payments.  While these services are necessary, they neglect to address the other time consuming tasks required to plan a successful trip. Our goal is to complete these time consuming tasks for the teachers and administrators.

Here are a few things that we do differently:

  • Provide a comprehensive website for parents that securely houses the itinerary, packing list, dining list, and other important documents
  • Collect forms and parent signatures digitally via our website – no more paper chasing
  • Help identify your fundraising needs and assist in running at least 2 fundraisers exclusively for the trip
  • Create personalized student ID tags to be worn on lanyards or bracelets
  • Create chaperone folders (paper and digital versions on Google drive) to be used during the trip. Folders will include chaperone contact info, bus lists, itinerary, and emergency medical information
  • Provide a box of essential supplies for each bus (trash bags, paper towels, ginger ale, etc.)

Please contact kristen@inertiatravel.com for a complete list of things that we do differently.