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Kristen Vicente

Kristen Vicente Inertia TravelKristen is the founder of Inertia Travel. She works with teachers and administrators to plan and implement a successful and educational trip.  Before forming Inertia Travel, Kristen spent over a decade as a middle school teacher and five years as the coordinator of her school’s D.C. trip.  Kristen recognizes both the incredible demands placed on teachers and the unique needs of the middle school student.

Kristen is proud to be a Newburyport resident, where she resides with her husband and one-year-old son.  She spends her free time bribing her one-year-old with Cheerios, heading to the occasional barre class, or grabbing a good local dinner with her husband.

Kristen is a certified teacher in the state of Massachusetts, and she holds a BA from the University of New Hampshire and an MLA in government from Harvard University.

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