We switched over to working with Inertia Travel last year and couldn’t be happier.  They have met and exceeded our expectations in almost every way. Apart from being knowledgeable and organized, their response time and availability are unparalleled.  As an educator with limited time, it’s amazing to work with a company that is not only responsive, but proactive in ideas to make the trip the best experience possible.

Matthew SorterTeacher & Trip Coordinator

Working with Kristen at Inertia Travel has been a dream come true.  Kristen has been organized, efficient and knowledgeable. Beyond that she has gone above and beyond to make sure our school trip is all we want it to be. Having worked with three other travel companies in the past,  this year with Inertia Travel has been the best.

Mary Kate AllanTeacher & Trip Coordinator

When it comes to planning successful student trips from start to finish, Kristen Vicente from Inertia Travel makes it happen!  She is organized, creative, enthusiastic and responds to requests immediately!

Holly Davoren and Vinnie AlcazarenTeachers & Trip Coordinators