Inertia Travel Story

Kristen Vicente Inertia TravelAs an 8th grade teacher for 11 years, Kristen Vicente, the founder of Inertia Travel, worked with various tour operators to help organize her school’s 8th grade D.C. trip.  Each year, Kristen found herself frustrated by the lack of work completed by traditional tour operators. The number of hours required to plan the trip as a teacher was extraordinary.  Kristen and her fellow teacher trip coordinator spent hours collecting numerous signed forms, creating slideshows for parent presentations, and updating their D.C. trip website since the site that the tour companies provided housed very little information about the actual trip.

When Kristen left the classroom to stay home with a new baby, she missed using the part of her brain that was always skilled at both long-term planning and attention to detail.  She also missed being involved in education. She decided to start Inertia Travel with the goal of becoming the type of tour operator that she wished she had the opportunity to work with as a teacher. 

Kristen works closely with each of her schools and hires retired and/or former teachers for all customer facing positions.  Hiring educators allows Inertia Travel to better understand and respond to the needs of the customers. Additionally, Inertia Travel organizes school trips to the D.C. area only.  As a tour operator, Inertia Travel has committed to “not doing it all”, but to doing one thing really well.