Frequently Asked Questions – Students

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are frequently asked questions for students. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any further questions about your account and/or tour.

The temperature in Washington, D.C. is typically higher than the temperatures here in the Northeast.  It is often more humid as well. If your tour takes place in May or June, you definitely want to prepare for New England summer like weather.  See the link below for a breakdown of the average weather in D.C. by month:

While every trip is unique and may require a few different items, see our “Packing List” for a great place to start.  Also, check out our “Top 5 Things Not to Pack for Student Travel” article.

Each school has their own process for determining student room configurations.  Since we do not personally know the students at Inertia Travel before the trip, we do not have any input into rooming.  All of the schools we partner with, however, allow students to identify other students that they are interested in rooming with.  Talk to your school trip coordinator in order to find out how your school’s process works.

Each of our schools brings at least 1 nurse on the trip.  If you become ill on the trip, check in with the nurse and he/she will make sure that you get the help you need. 

You cannot pack medication in your own bag.  However, you can work with your parents to make sure that the nurse on the trip has your medication prior to departing.  Schools all have their own medication forms/policies to follow in order to ensure that you get to take the medicine that you need when you need it.

Yes!  Each school has a different cell phone policy.  Check with your school to find out your specific policy.  If your school does not allow you to bring a cell phone on the trip, they will still provide you with access to call home should you want to do so.

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